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For more than 100 years in the Victorian era, it has been the royal champagne of the British royal family, as well as the royal champagne of Sweden and Spain. Elegant taste, excellent quality. Over the years, it has continued to maintain the stability of tradition and quality, and expanded to the world.


"Fresh and Elegant" The iconic name of the black label is attributed to Victor Lanson, who was named in 1937 as a testament to the openness to the world and a tribute to the Royal Court of England that Lanson has officially supplied since 1900

  • .The authentic style of Le Black Label Brut comes from unique skills based on: Selection of the best Champagne wineries (including historical villages such as Dizy, Verzenay, Trépail)
  • Original Champagne brewing method, bringing unparalleled fruity flavor and freshness
  •  Longer cellar ageing time. A series of reserve wines covering many vintages spanning 20 years.


Blending Number of wineries:  100

Grand and first winery: 50%

Ageing: 4 years

Pinot Noir: 50%

Chardonnay: 35%

Monie Pino: 15%

Dosage: 8g/l

Brut Reserve wine 35%

Tasting notes Visual: Amber highlights-a stream of tiny bubbles. Smell: the aroma of spring-the taste of "toast"-honey.

Taste: the aroma of ripe fruits-citrus-ripe-light-fresh.

Internationally renowned champagne

Double Gold Award: Sakura-Japanese Women's Wine Awards-2019

91 PTS: Wine Spectator in 2019

Gold medal: Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship-35%


“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”